Ultrastar Studio for Ultrastar Deluxe

usdxstudioyoutubeA couple of days ago I’ve been hosting a karaoke event and rediscovered Ultrastar Deluxe. Since the last time I’ve used it, it has made a huge development. But still there was one thing which was bugging me: How do I get youtube music videos as fast as possible integrated in my Ultrastar Deluxe and ready for singing?

I couldn’t find any software which can do all these steps in a couple of clicks.

So what has to be done:

  1. download music and video from youtube.
  2. get the lyrics from Ultrastar Database (http://usdb.animux.de/)
  3. merge video, sound and lyrics and
  4. do a quick lip sync.


So I decided to write a small tool myself. ‘Cause I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel I’m using some 3rd party tools like youtube-dl which can parse and provide video links from youtube and the VLC player plugin for lip syncing the lyrics. The tool is written in C# and runs on Windows only.

usdxstudiolipsyncFeel free to download, use, extend or port it to other platforms. Get it here.

How to set up:

  1. Install VLC player and ensure to install the Vlc browser plugin (or go to Programs and Features and alter your VLC installation to add this plugin)
  2. Install my tool here

Just leave a comment if help is required or you want to say “thanks”.

 Download: USDxStudio.zip.



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