Global Game Jam 2014 – eneMe

enemeThis years topic of the global game jam has been “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”. This year I participated at the Cologne Game Lab. It has been a really well organized event there, thank you. At this jamming location roughly 120 people participated. This offered a lot of interesting ideas and made it hard to decide what idea is the best to try out. After some time of team building and discussing the idea was put to paper. My team has been founded and consisted of six people. Two artists, an environment artist, two coders and a game designer. Concluding we had a really good combination of people, each with a well fitting skill set for the project. On the last day we hat the luck to recruit a third coder, which integrated the sound very thoroughly. Thanks a ton team!

To the game we made: We created a game concept which takes the topic literally. You enter at the beginning of each turn an arena consisting of a mace. In the center of it is a button placed which unlocks an exit to reach. In each subsequent level an eneMe is added. This is an enemy unit which imitates your previous run. As soon as you touch one of those eneMes you lose. How many levels will you survive? Try it yourself now (Unity Webplayer)! Or download it to try it in fullscreen mode.

Want to get more information? Take a look at the official global game jam side.

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