48h Games Jam

First weekend of January I paricipated at a company internal games jam. The goal of the games jam is to create a game with a given topic in just 48 hours. This includes finding a team, creating a game design, composing assets, coding the game and it also includes the breaks. So its your own decission to take breaks or leave them out.
The topic of the last games jam was “Lost”. This time we had to choose between the topics “Fire Power”, “Zombies”, “Space”, “Gravity” and some more. By a narrow majority it made the topic “Space” before “Fire power”. After some time I teamed up with some very skilled colleagues 😉 and started to create a game.

To cut a long story short: After 48 hours and nearly no sleep we created an alien tower defence game which you can play here (requires Unity3D webplayer plugin – Mac/Windows/Linux).

Have fun playing it. If you have some cool ideas or change request just feel free to contact me.